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Welcome to CrossFit Huebner San Antonio, where your life can change! Come see what CrossFit Huebner San Antonio has to offer, you'll love it and keep comin' back!




In a nutshell, I love to help people.  Whether you walk in our door wanting to lose weight, gain muscle, PR your mile, do your first pull-up, improve a lift, feel better, or to simply stay in shape, I want to help you get there.  I want to help you do things you never thought possible and I want to make your goals a reality.  
I started CrossFit in 2010 as a hobby but I have found that the lifestyle surrounding CrossFit is what I truly love and believe in.  By the lifestyle, I am talking about learning how to fuel your body in a healthy way, learning about recovery, and having a community of like-minded individuals to support you every day.  I want to help individuals not only inside the gym, but I want to teach them how to help themselves outside the gym.  If you are willing to give it a try, I will help you learn how to stay healthy and be able to live life to its fullest.
I live the lifestyle I preach and feel the best I have felt in my life.  I want to share this feeling with anyone who wants to learn!

Often we lose sight of what is important due to our busy day-to-day lifestyles. We get caught up in a plethora of secular events that we sometimes forget what is crucial to our health.

Starting Crossfit back in 2013, I began to witness beautiful life changing events that altered the way I wanted to live my life. Now, as a Crossfit trainer, my goal is to teach each individual the fundamentals of Crossfit, then continue to build upon each triumph and failure to allow for a better athlete. Even more than that, my goal is to inspire those who walk into this gym to not lose sight of what is crucial to reaching their highest potential; a physical, emotional, and spiritual health. I believe that when an individual takes the initiative to care for themselves by eating the right foods, getting the proper amount of physical and mental rest, and staying physically active, they often have a more satisfying life. 

My priority is a quality level of functional health. My focus is on the general condition of a person's mind and body, to be free of illness, injury, or pain.
I began coaching in 2008 and have had the opportunity to be apart of life changing transformations.  I believe in the life-changing benefits of functional fitness. My goal as a health coach is to teach and inspire individuals to make long-term lifestyle changes, and I have found that CrossFit’s commitment to functional movement makes it the perfect program for individuals of all ages and walks of life.
Focusing more on a lifestyle, people can improve their health via exercise, enough sleep, maintaining a healthy body weight, avoiding alcohol use, and not smoking.

I live to help people create adaptation between the ears.

I believe we can change people's lives for the better! It starts with the one hour here at CrossFit Huebner, but more importantly you'll have the tools you take with you through life. It truly is a lifestyle. All you have to do is walk through those doors!

Since joining CFH I've learned that the hard work inside the gym needs to be replicated outside the gym on a daily basis too! I love the lifestyle and challenges that CrossFit presents. My fitness background stems from playing sports growing up; soccer, football, basketball, and track. 

My goal as a coach is to help people through this journey. From your first squat below 90 degrees (gasp!!) to refining your Olympic lifts and gymnastics movements. Outside of the gym I love talking about food, cooking tips, recipes, and tricks. I'm always learning myself and always looking to give back to this community. Please don't hesitate to ask me anything.